B2B Marketing for Cannabis & Hemp Companies

A business-to-business marketing agency with a special focus on the
unique challenges and regulations of the cannabis and hemp sectors

We create marketing and publicity programs for the services that grow, extract, derive, manufacture, infuse, and distribute cannabis and hemp products.

Working across international borders, we are a team of highly skills designers, strategists, and publicists that are extraordinarily knowledgeable about the regulations unique to cannabis and hemp (especially inter/intra-state restrictions in the US on commerce for certain products.)

We can provide marketing, lead-gen and publicity campaigns that navigate this regulatory landscape.

(We do not focus on marketing to end-use consumers of cannabis and hemp.)

Our Clients Are:

  • Cannabis and hemp compliance and testing laboratories
  • Manufacturers of cannabis- and hemp-derived or infused products
  • Providers of “grow” infrastructure
  • Providers of logistics infrastructure
  • Software providers for the cannabis and hemp sectors (ERP, CRM, S-2-S)
  • Providers of cannabis and hemp packaging
  • Producers of cannabis and hemp events

What We Provide

Delta 9 serves as a turn-key outsource marketing agency, providing:

  • Email Campaign Creation and Lead-Generation

    Our Specialty!
  • List Management / CAN-SPAN Compliance

  • Media Relations with the Trade Press

    Our Specialty!
  • Public Relations

  • Crisis Management Messaging

  • Brand Management

    Including website design, print ads, marketing collateral

  • Event Signage & Publicity

  • Direct Mail

Our Work Samples

Just look at our website. You can tell that design expertise is at an expert level

But we are not publicly sharing work samples on our site at this time. For prospect who engage us in a potential engagement, we have samples to share of successful eMarketing lead-gen campaigns, media relations / story placement, graphic design, and web development.  Please inquire.  We are sure you’ll be impressed.

Publications We Target

Here the publications we target for placing press and for qualified list rental / eBlasting for lead generation.

CBD Wellness
Terpenes & Testing
Hemp Today
Hemp Business Journal

Analytical Cannabis

Marijuana Business Magazine

Hemp Industry Daily